The Neighborhood Unity Foundation

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The Neighborhood Unity Foundation (NUF) is a community foundation in the Fourth District designed and run by and for the residents of southeastern San Diego. Our board consists of residents who are very passionate about this community and the people who live here. NUF has been in existence since 2004 and works hard to be visible in the community.

Grants Program

NUF’s grants program has been very successful. Since 2006, NUF has given away over $200,000 to nonprofits and individuals whose projects bring neighbors together and/or help build safe and healthy communities.  When it was first established, our grants were given out quarterly. But starting in 2009-2010, we will have only two application cycles. This will allow our board and grants committee to pilot a type of grants called “flow funding”.

Friday Movie Nights

NUF co-sponsored Friday Night Movie Nights for the Summer Series at Market Creek Plaza in 2009. During the series, our organization highlighted and honored individuals in our community who do good things but don’t usually get the recognition they deserve.

Meet Maslah Farah and Aaron Semaia

This August, NUF hired its first staff member! Maslah Farah, our Program Manager, will be instrumental in making sure that NUF is reaching its full potential and accomplishing the goals that were set by not only by the board, but the community as well.

Aaron Semaia, a student at San Diego State University, began interning with NUF this summer. He has been a great asset to the board.

Giving Circles

NUF is starting our giving circles soon and will be looking to the community to partner with them in making this successful.

Advisory Council

Ours Advisory Council, which is presently inactive, will be starting up soon. This group will be the eyes and ears of the board and will help us connect to many of communities that we would not have been able to reach without them. There is a lot of work that will take place to get this council ready and NUF will be looking to the community to help us find people to join the council.

– – –

A lot is happening with NUF and this year and next! There is still a lot of learning to be done but NUF will be ready and willing to take that on.

If you want to be involved with NUF or if you have any questions regarding one of our projects or committees, please call our office at 619-527-4570 and ask for Maslah Farah or our intern, Aaron Semaia.

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