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Coming Home to Stay, a prisoner re-entry program, seeks to reduce the 74% recidivism rate among ex-offenders by connecting them to a comprehensive, supportive network of community-based services and providers. The pilot project addresses a spectrum of needs identified during a listening and planning phase: assessment and life planning, education and training for employment, health and medical support, family relationships, legal and vital documents, and housing and finance. Support is provided to program participants over a three-year period.

For more information, contact the Jacobs Center at 619-527-6161.

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  • Bevelynn Bravo

    I met with the staff of this program, I wanted to hear more about what they offer. I can tell you they are dedicated and have alot of heart. They have a desire to help.

    This program helps both males and females with a number of resources to help them connect with their families and get back on their feet but they have to want to help themselves and be commited to the program and have a desire to change their life.

    The program helps those as young as 18. If you have a loved one who is soon to be released dont hesitate to call. The staff begins working with them where they are at and continues when they are released.

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