Limitless Visionaries : A Collective Mosaic of Youth Art

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If you missed last week’s line up of incredible youth artists, or if you made it and are ready for more inspiration, please attend Limitless Visionaries performance art showcase on Saturday June 25 from 7 to 9pm in the Center for Community & Cultural Arts.

This week’s showcase highlights local youth musicians and singers, Isaiah Profit, Jeanne Iheke and Niambi. We will also feature San Diego’s own Rudy Francisco, who this year was recognized as the World Slam Champion poet. This week you will be in for a real treat! Hope to see you there!

A Collective Mosaic of Youth ArtLimitless Visionaries is an exhibition of contemporary works of art, created by a diverse group of youth from local high schools in Southeast San Diego, displayed in the Center for Community & Cultural Arts (CCCA)

The purpose of the exhibition is to unify youth from different cultural backgrounds and neighborhoods in a collective celebration of their artistic genius and in recognition of a commonality they all share: the gift of creative expression.

Gallery Hours : Monday – Friday: 2-7, Saturday: 12-5
Venue Location: Joe & Vi Jacobs Center, 2nd Floor, CCCA, 404 Euclid Ave., San Diego, CA 92114
Performance Art Showcase: 6/18 (6-8pm), 6/25 (7-9pm), 7/2 (7-9pm), 7/9 (7-9pm)

Participating Schools: Crawford High School,  Gompers Preparatory Academy,  Lincoln High School,  Morse High School, and  School of Creative & Performing Arts.

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