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St. Vincent De Paul Village- 1st Mondays of every month

We need 12 volunteers to help serve at St. Vincent De Paul Village. Check in time at 4pm.  Please be prompt.  You will check in at the main lobby.

Description: Prepping and serving meals to residents living at the shelter.
Address: St.Vincent De Paul Village 1501 Imperial Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101. Check in at Joan Kroc Lobby.
Volunteer Shift: 4pm-7pm (Volunteers are to check at 4pm). Time Commitment: 3 hours
Attire required: Closed toes shoes, long pants and shirts.  Please be sure that you don’t bring any valuables with you to St. Vincent De Paul. There won’t be a secure place to keep anything.

San Diego Food Bank Distribution- 2nd Tuesdays and 4th  Fridays of every month 9am-11am

We need 2-4 volunteers to help load and unload food items from the San Diego Food Bank Miramar location. Let me or Tisha know at know if you are available to help serve with this program

Bayview Housing Great Start Nutrition Program- 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month 930am-1030am/11am

We need 6 volunteers to help serve at our Bayview Program on Saturday, July 13th from 930am-10am/11am.  Let me know if you are available to serve for this program as well.

Description: Assembling and distributing meals to residents living within the housing development.
Address: Island Garden Apartments, 3545 Island Ave, SD, CA 92102-4409.
Volunteer Shift: 930am-1030/11am. Time Commitment: 1.5 hours
Attire required: Long pants/ shirts. Closed toed shoes. Please note that there is no secure place to leave personal belongings.

 ***Interested, please contact Beverly Tubon, Volunteer Coordinator at
858-457-4917 x 177 or email at

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