Context Vol. 1

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Date: Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Time: 6-9:30 pm
Place: San Diego Central Library @ Joan ? Irwin Jacobs Common
Program: San Diego Central Library: Celebrating Civic Courage

Join the San Diego Architectural Foundation for the first forum of an ongoing series titled Context. This thought-provoking examination with Dr. Irwin Jacobs and Rob Wellington Quigley, FAIA, will discuss the extraordinary public and private efforts that brought the new San Diego Central Library to realization.

“The Dome stands as an icon, a symbol of this City’s commitment to literacy and community. Like the human spirits nurtured within, it is designed to be in a perpetual act of becoming.”

Architect, Rob Wellington Quigley, FAIA

Tickets go on sale mid-March. For corporate sponsorship information please email us at


Context is a forum created by the San Diego Architectural Foundation’s commitment to keeping the conversation alive about the value of excellence in the built environment.


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