Free Focus Group – Learn Simple Strategies for Happiness and Success

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Free Focus Group – Positive Alignment

What is Positive Alignment? Positive Alignment consists of 5 different mental and physical tools that increase a person’s level of awareness and happiness. When our minds and bodies are not aligned, we may feel sluggish, depressed, anxious and/or hopeless. Aligning ourselves correctly will filter out these mental blocks and allow us to step into true happiness.

  • Evaluate all areas of your life and zero in on areas that need attention and improvement.
  • Work through mental obstacles with the help and guidance of the group as whole.
  • Be supported in a safe, fun and private environment.
  • Learn simple principles to increase your level of awareness, gratitude and happiness.

Join the group

The Jacobs Center, 404 Euclid Ave., San Diego CA. 92114
June 16 8am – 12pm
June 17 530pm 8pm

Each group has limited space, please RSVP
To join email or call 619-581-5453

Questions? Email or call (619) 5815453

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