REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL – Exterior Painting, Market Creek Plaza

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May 11, 2015

Exterior Painting

Market Creek Plaza

342 Euclid Avenue

San Diego, CA 92114

Proposal Final Due Date:  May 29th, 2015

Contractor Walk Thru:  May 22nd, 2015 at 12 noon in front of Felix’s BBQ.

Contact:  Dennis J. Notaro, Sr. Regional Property Manager, Capital Growth Properties, Inc.

Contact information:  858-729-9314 or preferably

Proposals must be received via email, snail mail, or hand delivery by May 29th, 2015.

SCOPE:  3 Retail buildings, one monument sign, dumpster enclosures, light poles.

Exterior Painting:

  • Preparation
    See attached Painting Specifications from Dunn Edwards.
  • Finishes—All Dunn Edwards Products
    See attached Painting Specifications from Dunn Edwards.
    Unpainted block walls, tenant added items, window mullions, roof equipment, roof/jacks, plant and dirt covered surfaces, bridge items, wood trellis, metal repairs, mailboxes, washing of windows, curbs, stenciling, striping, perimeter wrought iron fence shared with Jacobs Center, yellow bollards, SDGE boxes.
  • Painting Specifications and color palette attached.
    No deviation from color palette provided.All painting specifications to be followed per Dunn Edwards Painting Specifications report.
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