Writerz Blok 2011 Calendars

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Looking for a cool, last-minute gift idea? Know someone who loves graffiti art? Support southeastern San Diego’s own youth urban art program by purchasing a 2011 Writerz Blok calendar.

Featuring work by both Writerz Blok artists and in collaboration with others, the calendar has twelve beautifully-printed, eye-catching images to enjoy throughout the year. Each calendar is $10 and the proceeds support the Blok’s youth outreach and urban art training program.

To purchase, stop by Writerz Blok at 5010 Market St, San Diego, CA 92102 (Google Maps) or the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation at 404 Euclid Ave (3rd floor), San Diego, CA 92114 (Google Maps).

For more information about the calendars or Writerz Blok’s programs, call (619) 263-4914.

Writerz Blok 2011 Calendar

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