San Diego Show All Stars : Competitive Cheer Try-outs

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AGES 5 TO 19
AGES 8—19
JULY 16 & 17, 2PM

Not ready to commit to competing but want to build some skills? Join one of our classes below. Check website in “Handouts” for days and times of classes.

TUMBLING LEVEL 1: Basic tumbling skills and exercises through the learning of a back walk over. Great for beginning tumblers and those who need to improve on their strength and tumbling technique to learn a back handspring.

TUMBLING LEVEL 2: Back handsprings and multiple back handsprings to rebound are the focus of this class. Then strength exercises to get you ready for Level 3 tumbling. Must pass Tumbling Level 1 to enter this class.

TUMBLING LEVEL 3: Intermediate tumbling class that focuses on running tumbling into tucks and multiple back handsprings. Strength and flexibility will be heavily done to get in shape for these skills. Must pass Tumbling Level 2 to enter this class.

Pay in advance and save.
Sign up for 12 sessions and pay just $50! A savings of over $4 per session.
Sign up for 8 sessions and pay just $40! A savings of $3 per session.
Sign up for 4 sessions and pay just $25! A savings of $2.75 per session.

San Diego Show All Stars
5275 Market Street
(located in Bryco building diagonally across from Malcolm X Library)
For more information please call (619)333-8312 or visit our website @

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