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Smart Money 2013
The Smart Money Summit will be a one day, one stop event that is intended to bring attention and resources to the various financial needs of the San Diego region. Workshops designed to bring financial education to our communities will be facilitated with the below key areas of focus:

•  Small Business Lending
•  Tax Preparation and Filing
•  Homeownership Opportunities
•  Foreclosure Prevention
•  Household Budget Needs

The large one-day event has been able to bring homeownership and foreclosure prevention services to hundreds of individuals. This year’s event will allow for experienced counselors to give expert counseling services, information and links to free resources in the following areas at several of the booth style exhibits that will be made available.

•  Affordable Housing
•  Budget/Saving
•  Credit/Debt management
•  College Preparation & Education – College grants
•  Financial Literacy & Asset Building Programs
•  Homeownership-First Time Homebuyer Assistance
•  Home Retention
•  Small Business Development
•  Workforce Development
•  Youth Programs

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