César Chávez Community Tribute & Celebration in Southeastern San Diego

 In Education, Health and Wellness

On April 27th, Project New Village will host its 13th annual César E. Chávez Community Tribute and Celebration in southeastern San Diego. We will gather to honor the life and legacy of César Estrada Chávez, an American hero who dedicated his life to promoting equal rights and justice for all Americans.

This year’s event will feature cultural presentations and a town hall discussion on Achieving Food Equity: looking at the pending “Farm Bill” and it impact on communities of color. Also there will be several educational exhibits and a communal locally sourced meal.


“The Farm Bill is a piece of National legislation renewed every 5-7 years, that controls how food reaches our plate, by determining what is grown and how much it costs, and therefore who has access to it”, according to the California Food and Justice Coalition.

The Farm Bill directly impacts small farmers and ranchers, farmers markets, access to healthy food options, food subsidy programs like CalFresh (Food Stamps), WIC and senior nutrition program; food safety, conservation and ultimately the health of communities. Our elected representatives need to hear more from us about this issue. Congressman Juan Vargas is on the Farm Bill committee, he and Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein as well as congress members Susan Davis and Scott Peters need to hear about the concerns of their constituents.

Plan to join us on the campus of the Educational Cultural Complex, located at 4343 Oceanview Blvd. San Diego Ca 92113. This event is supported by UC San Diego Health System and Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest. We are still looking for volunteers, partners and sponsors for this homegrown event.

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