9th Annual Somali American Cultural Fest

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Sat, June 29
3pm – 8pm
Market Creek Plaza

Free Entry Somali American Cultural Fest In honor of the 53rd Anniversary
of Somali Independence. Nabad, Midnimo & Horumar

Poetry, Music, Dance, Fashion Show, Kids Activities,
Food & Vendor Booths, and FREE Health Screening


Somali Youth United is a community based organization in San Diego California. This organization’s focus is on bringing unity to the community through various activities including community outreach, youth empowerment, intellectual conferences, and a host of other programs. SYU encourages all youth to become active participants in their communities to bring about change and civic involvement. Our goal is to empower and demonstrate nationalistic pride as well as instill a sense of gratitude among our youth to be involved in our community through various activities.

  • Mr. Melvin Lowery

    How might I be able to have a poem I’ve written recited at this event? I will be present however I would like it if I could have someone else do the recitation. I have no one currently in mind to fulfill his task but thought one of the other poets might be obliged to do so. The poem is below;

    Yaa Jumhuuriyyat as Suumaalal-Fideraaliyyat
    A poem for Somalia
    O’ Somalia
    You are blue with five tips of white
    Your outer hue is yellow proudly held in place
    by asad twins erect on hind quarters
    your blood once flowed red and you gracefully strode across yellow
    and as you slept on your side, you smiled
    Your youth playfully swam in your warm beckoning sea
    beneath a fiery sun
    and you stilled smiled
    a bright, white smile so large
    it encompassed your ras
    The captured bird that you held in your
    grasp sung of peace
    but when you released her
    she flew high in your sky
    escaping your reach
    You once proudly boasted the largest host in all the land
    but then you struggled just to protect and serve
    finding a just balance in the pans of Xeer, Sharia with what is Civil
    The youth chant in the night laa ilaha illaa Allaah
    Muhammad rasuul Allah
    I long to bathe in the Jubba or
    dance beneath the rain of Sanaag
    You are the beautiful Cush and Punt
    whom I love for His sake

    By, Yameen Sadr
    aka, M.L.

    Another poem that can be reviewed as an alternate is below;

    Oh, daughters of Somaalia
    In your long, gracefully flowing, multi-colored garments
    The countenance shielded beneath your modest scarves
    Are as precious pearls safely wrapped in sheltered cocoons
    Your smile cannot be measured by the twinkle of the stars
    Or the moon’s yellowish reflection
    It is as the radiance of the sun
    Or even brighter
    That caressingly warms the core of my soul
    As the sounds of Punt musically
    Echo across the African plains
    The humble antelope and the gazelle
    Spiritually dances in your warmth
    That eclipses even the darkest of shadow
    The comeliness of your stride is like
    A blade of grass upon an expansive
    Savanna conveying to all that you
    Stand not alone
    The hashraati, tuyoor, and mothers’ babes
    All find solace at your feet
    Queen Ati smiles upon you and
    Allaah has given you the keys to open
    The gates of your millennial heritage
    Don your beautiful garments proudly
    But not too much so
    And allow your generosity to gently
    Soothe my painful heart.

    By, Yameen Sadr

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