Event: La Jolla Playhouse and Ping Chong + Company Present “South of the 8”

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The La Jolla Playhouse and Ping Chong + Company presents South of the 8, a powerful theater piece featuring real stories from voices within the Southeastern San Diego community.

The participants, who went through a vigorous workshopping period, crafted their stories about life below the 8 freeway in San Diego, often considered the line that divides economic and wealth opportunity in our city.

From the La Jolla Playhouse website:

South of The 8 is a fascinating, interview-based work that explores issues of culture and identity in a specific local community, breaking down stereotypes by sharing the rich and diverse the stories of the people who live there. Following an intensive interview process, five individuals from neighborhoods south of the I-8 were selected to work with Ping Chong + Company and the Playhouse to create and perform an “opera for the spoken word,” based on their own narratives. This moving, non-traditional theatre piece showcases the real-life stories and experiences of individuals from a variety of backgrounds, shining a light on the unique character of communities South of The 8.

There are two showings this Saturday, April 1, at the City Heights Performance Annex. Tickets available at: lajollaplayhouse.org/south-of-the-8.

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